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      A Zeiss hands-free vision aid is an essential tool for:
  • engraving and modelmaking
  • intricate embroidery and lacemaking
  • medical and dental hygiene professions
  • miniaturized component assembly
  • quality assurance inspection
. . . in short, for any precision craft involving long periods of viewing fine detail. These instruments bring together the industry's widest range of flexible, comfortable visor-mounts with the unsurpassed quality of Zeiss lenses.

Zeiss Model # Model L
Description Head-worn Loupe
Photo Lineup

Model L Headworn Visor Loupe


The one-piece optical element of the Model L loupe is designed with a fixed binocular angle, optimized for the power of the lenses ... in simple terms, the lines of sight from each eye converge at an ideal working distance to provide low-fatigue 3-dimensional stereo viewing.

Exclusive ... Every Zeiss Model L magnifier sold by myoptica.com is shipped with BOTH a 4-diopter and a 6-diopter lenspiece.

The 4-diopter lenspiece provides:
A magnification of approximately 1.25X at a nominal working distance of 8" (200 mm) with a useful field of view of approx. 3-1/4" x 4" (83 mm x 100 mm)

The 6-diopter lenspiece provides:
A magnification of approximately 1.5X at a nominal working distance of 6 inches (150 mm), with a useful field of view of appprox. 2-3/4" x 3" (72 mm x 75 mm)

The lenspieces are easily interchangeable in either frame.
Frame Specifications
The Model L loupe mount consists of a hinged visor which easily swings up out of the field of view as needed. Side panels of the hood prevent stray light from interfering with the user's view of the work.
For comfort, a replaceable cloth forehead pad and an elastic rear headband provide secure but gentle support. The visor is easily worn over prescription spectacles.
(U.S. $)
Model L


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