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for the finest in personal optics
Contacting Myoptica:
Our E-mail and Phone information (In Nebraska Central Time):

PHONE: 402-327-9274

Fax 402-327-9299


Our mailing address:

Fox Hollows Common Business Park
3630 South 76th Street
Lincoln, NE 68506-4619

Our Mission:

Myoptica is a family-owned business dedicated to providing you with the world's finest quality magnifiers and personal optical instruments...

Our owners have over several decades of experience in the optical and opthamalic field - we are, ourselves, very demanding customers when it comes to precision instruments.

Therefore we thoroughly evaluate every product we sell, not only for its technical quality, but also for how well it is designed to meet the practical viewing needs of people in everyday situations. Whether you use a loupe or magnifier daily in your profession, or just need a bit of a boost in reading or viewing your favorite collectible or craft, or want a closer view of natural wonders on your next hike ...

... you will find the right solution among our family of products.

At the same time, we believe it is our mission to give our customers accurate and detailed information about the instruments we sell, and about important principles of optics and vision, so they can make informed buying decisions ...

... we want you to be confident that you are choosing the instrument that best fulfills your viewing needs.

With the launch of our online web source myoptica.com we are able to greatly expand on this informational mission. Unlike many web stores, which merely display a short ad clip for their products, each of our product categories is presented in a chart format that makes it easy for you to compare specifications and prices. Then a detailed Help Page surveys a broad spectrum of personal and professional applications, and recommends the best model for each. Finally, for products and specifications where the "techno-speak" can be confusing to the layman, we offer a short article which explains the principles involved in an intuitive, easy-to-understand manner.

All in all, we are confident that you will find myoptica.com to be a completely different kind of online source - one that combines the savvy of knowledgeable professionals, the personal service of a local optics shop, and the convenience and economy of the Internet. We hope you will let us know what you think of our site, and we would greatly appreciate receiving your suggestions for making it even better. Please refer to our contact information at the bottom of this page.

Our Product Lines:

Myoptica.com is proud to have been chosen as an online retailer for the fine products of the Carl Zeiss Company. For over 150 years, the Zeiss name has been synonymous with the ultimate in lens technology, in microscopes and ophthalmic instruments, binoculars, telescopes and camera lenses, and in personal eyewear. In all its many product lines ...

....Zeiss exemplifies the commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction which we at Myoptica aim to bring to our customers.

We are happy to be able to offer the entire line of Zeiss hand magnifiers, folding loupes, and visor magnifiers through our exclusive "Magnifiers by Zeiss" web shop - all the great Zeiss viewing aids in one convenient place. And in the future, we hope to expand our Zeiss line to support industrial and scientific instrumentation.

We are also committed to building on this great foundation with other high quality product lines, including low-vision reading aids, specialized magnifiers and illuminators for medical and industrial applications, laser safety eyewear, and similar items. Keep looking in on us at Myoptica.com in the coming months, and you will see many new and innovative products, some of which you won't find anywhere else online. And as always, every product will be backed with knowledgeable technical support, both on our site and by phone.